Explore the Bregenzerwald - Nature. Culture. Delight.

Enjoyment for all senses.

This motto describes the heart and soul of the KäseStrasse also known as “Cheese Route”. The KäseStrasse was founded in 1998 as an association for promoting the Bregenzerwald cheese culture.

Since then, the Cheese Route has evolved step by step.

Today, the KäseStrasse is much more than just a route through a beautiful landscape, where you can buy delicious cheese.

It is also an exploration for all senses!

Region and Places

Gentle hills. Rough peaks. An area with character.

 The Bregenzerwald has a unique and diverse landscape.
Gentle hills and rough peaks in the high mountains are a treat for the eyes.

Tranquil villages with the typical architecture of the Bregenzerwald are lively examples
of genuine traditions and a diverse culture.

Tasting and Sightseeing

Where does it taste better than where the masters of their trade still produce their own products in laborious work?

Try the delicious variety of over 50 different Bregenzerwälder cheeses and other typical gourmet goodies
of the Region. All of the products are exclusively made by using silage-free fresh milk.

Tradition and Culture

The people of the Bregenzerwald are considered self-confident, balanced and a bit special in a positive way.
These characteristics originate from their rich background and history.

The once completely forest-covered valley between Lake Constance and Arlberg belonged to
the Counts of Bregenz. The former aristocrats assigned many civil liberties to monasteries and the lower nobility.

Around the year 1000 A.D. the Bregenzerwald was populated from settelers of the city of Bregenz.
The Catholic church and social traditions have still a high priority in the life of the “Bregenenzerwälder” people.

The Cheese Cellar

A joint milestone set by dairies and marketers.

Shareholders of the 2002 founded Käsekeller foundation decided to rise a storage and maturing center for alpine and mountain cheese with a capacity of up to 32.700 loafs of cheese. The building was risen at the entrance point of the village Lingenau in central Bregenzerwald.

This project successfully connected all the interests of producers, marketers and regional
institutions as well as the interests of the KäseStrasse Bregenzerwald and thus new market opportunities and a quality standarts for silage-free milk products were created.

With a total investment of over € 6.5 million, the Bregenzerwald Cheese Cellar is the largest
joint milestone in the history of the Bregenzerwald dairy industry.

Food and Drinks

A delicious welcome.

In cozy rooms of local taverns, restaurants and hotels the chefs will serve what your heart desires.

The so called Käsewirte of the KäseStrasse, also known as “Cheese Hosts”, own their title for a reason.
They serve traditional cheese delicacies from Alpine dairies and assemble the finest cheese menus for you.

You can find cozy Inns down the valleys and up the mountains at every corner of the Bregenzerwald.
There you can have a first-hand experience of our culinary culture.

Cheese dishes and a selection of Bregenzerwald cheese specialties can always be found on the menu cards.

Hiking & More

Walking through the beautiful scenery of the Bregenzerwald.

Hiking is experiencing a renaissance in the modern world.
Taking a walk through the nature stimulates thoughts, opens new horizons and is overall beneficially.

For hikers, the Bregenzerwald is an excellent choice.
About 2,000 kilometers of signposted hiking trails lead to the most beautiful places.

You can hike along streams, up to mountain lakes or up to alpine pastures, where cows graze all summer.
Set your finish line on a gentle green hill or on a rugged mountain peak.

Many villages and hotels offer guided hikes for visitors.
It is a great way to learn more about the area and to get in the mood for more adventures.