The KäseStrasse

The KäseStrasse [“Cheese-Route”] offers a lot more than just cheese at every corner.

The KäseStrasse stands for a rural region, a network of producers and marketers.
It is a philosophy about rural quality products and modern marketing,
an ecologically thought-out and economically interesting realm of experience for guests and locals alike.

Since 1998, one can enjoy the Bregenzerwälder KäseStrasse, which includes several roads of the
Bregenzerwald. More than 160 members are componments of the association called “Verein KäseStrasse”.

You can learn more about the ‘cheese philosophy’ of the KäseStrasse at:

Farms with farm shops, village dairies, alpine dairies, hotels, restaurants,
inns, excursion and snack stations.

Our Path


The KäseStrasse, is also known as “Cheese-Route”.
It is an association of Bregenzerwälder farmers, dairymen and dairymaids, innkeepers,
artisans and trading companies and therefore it is not just a route in the traditional sense.

 With around 160 members and numerous partners, the KäseStrasse unites experts from different
fields of culinary pleasure, beauty and appericiative of art under one roof.